• Developer Tooling

    We build software for the long term and are heavily invested in the developer experience via our continuous deployment tooling of both web and mobile applications. We create products that thrive at the intersection of business goals and user needs, from award-winning SDK and API development to elegant, seamless starter project development.

    we offer:



    Protocols/platform starters projects

    Web/mobile app components


  • Integrations

    Choosing the right technology stack for your project and successfully integrating it is critical to building a strong network. The Blockcoders team will work closely with your engineering team to support your delivery pipeline.

    we offer:

    Trusted data feeds (oracles)

    dApps seamlessly integration to other dApps and protocols

    Stable Coins

  • Smart Contracts

    Our experienced developers work dedicatedly to provide enterprises with secure Hyperledger smart contracts, including designing, building, full security testing of smart contracts, and transaction process automation that brings your web3 dApps solutions to life.

    we offer:

    Smart contracts development

    Peer review

    Assessment of architecture

    Functionality, performance, and security audit

    Secure, multi-signature capable CI/CD pipelines

  • DeFi Dapps

    DeFi dApps represent a formidable alternative to traditional financial services, and here at Blockcoders, we develop and deploy Decentralized Applications (Dapps) to penetrate the expanding DeFi environment.

    we offer:

    Complete dApp development life cycle, from ideation, prototyping, MVP to deployment and maintenance

    UX/UI design and implementation


    Token Generation Events